Depression can be improved by Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

Depression is a serious condition which seems to be becoming more common. This morning I was listening to the latest in Paleo podcast 100th episode. there was a talk played which was about depression & lifestyle. The basic gist of the talk was that depression is a “disease of civilisation.” The rates of depression have […]

Treating my knee pain

Well here goes a second attempt at writing this post. I don’t know what happened to the first draft. I have been looking again at how to treat knee pain. The nutritional approach outlined in my previous post helped a bit but things have been worse recently, so I’ve been looking for answers in other […]

Somatic Exercises Coach Training

I recently attended a training course in Leeds with Martha Peterson. This was an excellent course where we learned a lot about how to break down the somatic exercises and teach them to people with no experience in Somatics. Day one was given over to practicing the main somatic exercises which we would learn to […]

Sarcopenia Part 2 – Treatment

In the first part of this series I talked about what sarcopenia was and what caused it. I todays installment I will  discuss what are the consequences and what can be done to prevent it. What are the consequences of sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is a slow process of decline in muscular strength and function which begins after age […]

How to Breathe Properly

Breathing is very important. We do it constantly and usually unconsciously. Most people never notice their breathing unless something is wrong. There is a great benefit to spending some time learning to breathe better though. Most people only use the upper part of their lungs when they breathe. As a result they reduce their ability […]

Old man in wheelchair

Sarcopenia – An Introduction

What is sarcopenia? There are many things which change as we age. One of the most destructive changes is sarcopenia. This is a generalised loss of muscle mass and strength which happens as we age and is usually thought to be inevitable. There is no agreed definition of sarcopenia but the word orinates from Greek […]

More on somatics

Having fixed my knees I have been having more problems with my shoulder this week. It’s another long term problem which started after a car accident. I think it is exacerbated by all the one sided work involved in archery as well as the setup of my office at work. The pain feels like a […]

Osteoarthritis update

I was listening to the Medical Matters recently. They were mentioning how osteoarthritis is incorrectly described as a wear and tear problem which inevitably progresses. I have to admit that this fits with the way I typically think about osteoarthritis in my working life. I do try to encourage exercise but otherwise our treatments usually […]

4 Things To Treat Knee Pain

I hurt my knee recently. There was no specific injury although I suspect that a set of bodyweight squats may have had some impact. I woke up with pain in both knees which was worse on flexion to 90 degrees or walking downstairs. I’ve had knee pain intermittently for years now but this pain was […]

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